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Ann Marie - WTF Shaving Bowl

Alford was kind enough to try and find someone to take over the making of the pottery for Wet The Face. Alford found Ann Marie who was brave enough to try and step up to the production of our Brushes, Bowls, and Coffee Cups. Sadly it was just too much for her and she graciously stepped back from the project. We did however manage to get 5 shaving bowls. These or now on sale but please remember I have no replacement stock. If they break in transit or you drop them on the first day I have nothing to replace them with. 

Ann Marie - WTF Shaving Bowl

SKU: ShavingBowl_MaryAnn
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  • Alford Wayman:

    After achieving his AFA, He then spent three years at Marywood University where he then completed his BFA in Ceramics with artist and professor Matt Povse and later an apprenticeship with the artist Sharon DiGennaro at Wild Flower Pottery in Thompson, PA.

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