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Chuck LaChancé - The Stacker

Introducing Chuck LaChancé - The Stacker, the newest addition to our Wet The Face Products line. This innovative product is designed to hold up to 5 Wet The Face Tubs, providing a convenient and organized way to rotate your shaving soaps. The Stacker is made with PLA on our Bambu Labs P1S, following the precise instructions from Chuck's CAD designs. We are proud to have Chuck LaChancé create this exceptional product for our customers. 

Chuck LaChancé - The Stacker

SKU: TheStacker_3DPrinted
  • Chuck LaChancé has been an engineer for almost 30 years working in the tire industry, steel coating industry, small-time in auto test equipment industry, and now packaging industry. Chuck has been working at his current job for 17 years and was promoted to Manager of Engineering in 2010.

    Huge AutoCad user until introduced to SolidWorks in 2006, and has been using it ever since.

    Hobbies: Fountain Pens • Pocket Watches • Straight Razors

  • We will try to have at least 3 in stock at all times if none are available it may take some time to recreate. You can always hit "Notify When Available" so you get an email when they are back in stock. 

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