Stop! Before you purchase this have you completed (Stage One) if not go to Custom Soap Mold (Stage One) and order that first. 

This is the second stage of the process. Here we take your approved design and create a complete 8 up finished custom soap mold.  When you're ready to check out click "Add A Note" and just give us a little description regarding your logo and we will do the rest.  



Custom 8 Up Soap Molds (Stage Two)

SKU: 8upSoapmold
  • We use a 1.75mm flexible clear filament on our Artillary Sidewinder X1 3D printer. We also use AutoDesk Fusion 360 that has the highest accuracy to design your molds with.  3D printing is a slow process and to make one 8up mold does take one day. 

Huntington, NY, USA

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