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Dirty Girls Mechanic Shaving Soap

Introducing Wet The Face's latest addition of shaving products: Dirty Girl Betty - Mechanic Shaving Soap. Inspired by the fearless women who took on men's challenging and dirty jobs during World War II, this shaving soap is as tough and resilient as the brave ladies who inspired it.


Crafted with care, Dirty Girls Shaving Soap provides a lather that is rich, creamy, and incredibly smooth, making for an unparalleled shaving experience. Whether you're a seasoned shaving pro or a newcomer to traditional wet shaving, this soap is guaranteed to please.


The Dirty Girls series pays tribute to the women who worked tirelessly to support the war effort and defend our freedom. They were just as proud to be American as the men they fought alongside, and their courage and sacrifice will never be forgotten. Wet The Face is proud to honor these brave women with shaving products embodying their spirit and resilience.


Tester Comments - "Suede Blanc"


The scent notes: Suede Leather, Saffron, Musk, Cedar


Dirty Girls Mechanic Shaving Soap

SKU: ShavingSoap_MechanicDirtGirl
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