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Flask Holder V2.0

Introducing Flask Holder V2.0, the next evolution of our original design. After dedicated hours with Fusion 360, we've unlocked a deeper understanding of its capabilities, allowing us to refine and enhance our products. With Flask Holder V2.0, stability reaches new heights, thanks to meticulous redesign and optimization.


We've reimagined the form factor, reducing its height by half while introducing sleek, rounded edges for a modern aesthetic for a more elegant and ergonomic design.


But that's not all— Stay tuned as we reveal the exciting additions that make Flask Holder V2.0 the ultimate companion for your adventures."

Flask Holder V2.0

SKU: Flask Holder V2.0
  • Since we have no room for storing these they will be made to order. Please understand this one design takes approx 4 hours to complete. I will try to keep a few in stock but please be patient.

  • This will hold 4 Wet The Face 100ml Flint Glass Flasks. 

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