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The Perfect Cup Bundle

The Perfect Cup is our coffee-based shaving soap. We use real brewed coffee which is what gives our soap its rich scent, texture, color, and caffeine.  Our Coffee comes from a local roaster here in Huntington Long Island N.Y. called South Down Coffee.

We use our special formula that allows us to incorporate the South Down Coffee right in. NO OTHER ARTISAN CREATES COFFEE SHAVING SOAP THIS WAY. The others use fragrance oils to give you the appearance of coffee we give you the real thing. To top it off we incorporate the brewed grinds right on top. So, the next time you want a real coffee shaving soap reach for The Perfect Cup.


Notes: Rum, Brandy, Brown Suger, Coca Beans Dark Roasted bold scent. Coffee Beans Used - Jurutungo Panama, A Dark Roast Note of Honey, Red Grape, Citrus

The Perfect Cup Bundle

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