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Shaving Soap Holder 2.0

Introducing the Shaving Soap Holder 2.0, the perfect accessory for organizing your favorite shaving soaps. Originally created to hold sample soaps, this updated version features larger stoppers at both ends for a more secure hold.


The tad longer design accommodates the aggressive stoppers and ensures your soap stays in place during use. Use it to keep your bathroom counter or shaving kit organized and tidy. This might even help you with your shaving rotation. Upgrade your shaving routine with the Shaving Soap Holder 2.0 today




Shaving Soap Holder 2.0

SKU: SoapHolder
  • We will try to have at least 3 in stock at all times if none are available it may take some time to recreate. You can always hit "Notify When Available" so you get an email when they are back in stock. 

  • This will hold 8 Wet The Face Shaving Soap tubs

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